The Medicine Wheel has taken me on the journey of a lifetime... a lifetime of discovery through nature and native culture. It has become the culmination of experiences I've been through on my life's journey.

As I look back at those people who've touched my life and who have cared about the path that my footsteps follow, I find that many of those people were confused in their lives and lead me on a confusing path. But my heart has lead me from the very start and has taken me along many paths that others have often questioned. I find that of all the belief systems that others have attempted to impose on the original, I keep going back to the original. It was taught by nature and by the Great Spirit, Creator.

Deep in my heart I know that what Creator brought me through was to test me and to touch the lives of others. I will never tell people what they should believe, but that they should find their path through their own values and cultural upbringing regardless of where I or any other should stand. I choose not to use a certain "label" used by certain religious individuals as the doctrines and teachings of that group has strayed far from the original purpose.

There are those out there who believe in the "New Age" movement... that is not what the purpose of this website is about. It is about Native culture and Native tradition. Some of the ideas expressed here are those of other Native Americans and may or many not be in line with the beliefs and traditions of all Native Americans. Of the many Nations of Native Americans, I am no expert on the traditions and beliefs of any but a student... a student of a few. A Cherokee out of place, I am influenced by the local tribes, the Cowlitz and Chinook, as are the other Cherokees of this area. While these people have become like family to me, I will always feel a connection to the Eastern Band of Cherokee and the Cherokee of Oklahoma.

Other areas of my website may seem to reflect a conflict in my perspective. I have many traditional and non-traditional hobbies that I enjoy and some of those hobbies reflect the Anglo influence of my heritage. I am also a collector of books and information (I don't know of any librarian who isn't LOL), and I also have sections here which present different perspectives for friends who are of another cultrual influence.

I present the Medicine Wheel here because it has great meaning to me and in the hopes that this website may present some insight into Native Tradition and Culture.

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