Native American Medicine Wheel

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~ | ~ Flicker ~ | ~ Sturgeon ~ | ~ Bear ~ | ~ Raven ~ | ~ Snake ~ | ~ Elk ~ | ~ Blue ~ | ~

In the Human or Earthly Realm, there are twelve moons, or periods in the annual cycle, also known as months. The lunal cycle has been tied to human existence since pre-history and every culture has its coordinating moon-cycles or months to mark earth's rotation around the sun into twelve nearly equal segments.
Snow Goose
Represented by the clear white quartz crystal, Snow Geese are great communicators and can travel long distances without tiring. They are good leaders for short periods of time and as followers they like to see where they are going. Snow Geese travel in a V formation with one leader, usually a female, at the front. They take turns leading the flock from one place to another. They travel great distances between their summer nesting sites in the north to their winter homes.
This playful animal is represented by the mineral silver. Otters have a wide vocabulary of sounds, and the people they represent enjoy fun and laughter. The otter is one of the few animals that uses tools to accomplish its goals. They will grasp a stone in their front paws and use it to break open mollusks for food.
Cougar is represented by a blue-green turquoise stone. The only mammal which climbs highest in the trees, Cougar also likes to be on the ground. Cougar is the huntress, the seeker of truth and knowledge. She is found in both the spirit and human realm as she seeks out the truth from Creator and brings it back to use it on earth.
Red-Tailed Hawk
Among the highest flyers of all birds, the Hawk searches for its prey from the sky. Hawk's keen eyesight helps it see into the brush and scrub for the slightest movement. Hawk is represented in the Medicine Wheel by the red fire opal, and is also found in both the spirit and earthly realms.
The only animal outside of man that can alter its environment, the Beaver is represented by the blue chrysocolla stone. The Beaver builds a series of dams, canals and locks to control water and create a favorable environment for itself and other animals.
The graceful, bounding deer is represented by the moss agate. They group together in herds according to gender, except during mating season. They are capable of moving from one place to another easily.
Flicker, a woodpecker, is represented here by the carnelian agate. This bird is a drummer and singer of songs, and may be heard for many miles away when it is drumming at dead trees searching for insects.
This king of fish is long-lived and can grow to great size. Represented by the red garnet, the Sturgeon probably existed during the dinosaur era. They are considered to be ancient souls, with great wisdom.
Bear is the Healer, or the Spirit of Healing. Native Americans turned to their Medicine Folk and Shamans for healing, just as many other cultures turned to their religious leaders centuries ago. The purple amethyst stone represents Bear in this wheel, and Bear is found both in the spiritual and earthly realms.
The spokesperson or "wisest of all," Raven was said to known all of the earth. Raven is viewed as communicating directly with Creator, and is therefore represented by a jasper stone. Again, Raven is also found in the spiritual as well as the earthly realms.
Represented by the green malachite stone and copper, Snakes are feared and respected worldwide. The snake is represented as a healer, as seen in the caduseus of the medical profession.
Elk is represented by the black obsidian stone. They form herds according to gender and only come together in one large herd for mating season. This large, regal member of the deer family spends much of its time in the woodlands and high country during the summer. Mating season occurs in autumn and winter when the herds move to lowlands.
Other connections with these spirit-messengers will become evident throughout this study.

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