Native American Medicine Wheel

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In the Celestial or Heavenly Realm, there are "seven spirits of God" noted in John the Revelator's vision, surrounding the throne and the One who sits on the throne. He notices that the One who sits on the throne is like jasper, a multicolored semi-precious stone. The Stone in the center is in the colors of a jasper stone and represents Christ or Creator, who sits on the throne of heaven (not the throne itself). Around the throne are seven spirits or messengers who are sent by the One who sits on the throne to the Earthly realm to assist humans in fulfilling their missions, and to answer their petitions to the One who sits on the throne.
The spirit-messenger of death, Owl is also a creature of wisdom, showing the deep mysteries of God. Owl's purpose is to ease the pain and suffering of death and draw the spirit to its place with God. An owl seen crossing your path is said to mean that someone close to you will die. To hear Owl call your name is to know it is your turn to leave the human realm for the spirit realm. Owl is represented by the white quartz stone in the inner circle. Quartz is also a stone used in communications, which also evident in the communications of the mysteries of God.
Cougar is represented by a blue-green turquoise stone. The only mammal which climbs highest in the trees, Cougar also likes to be on the ground. Cougar is the huntress, the seeker of truth and knowledge. She searches out the heights for her prey and comes down from her tree perch to capture it. She is the Spirit of Understanding.
Red-Tailed Hawk
Among the highest flying of all birds, the Hawk searches for its prey from the sky. Hawk's keen eyesight helps it see into the brush and scrub for the slightest movement. Hawk represents clear sight and commincation. The Spirit of Prophecy, Hawk is represented in the Medicine Wheel by the red fire opal.
The Trickster-Teacher, Coyote, is represented here by a multicolored brown stone - petrified wood. Legends of Coyote show him teaching the other animals, by trick or by lesson, how they should live. Coyote represents the Holy Spirt of God as Teacher.
Wolf is the leader and protector of the people. As Leader or Guide Messenger, Wolf is the pathfinder and shows the people the way. Wolf is represented here by Onyx.
Bear is the Healer, or the Spirit of Healing. Native Americans turned to their Medicine Folk and Shamans for healing, just as many other cultures turned to their religious leaders centuries ago. The purple amethyst stone represents Bear in this wheel.
The spokesperson or "wisest of all," Raven was said to known all of the earth. He was the first sent from the ark to search the land once the ark was grounded. He saw it all, searching to and fro upon the face of the earth. Raven was the wisest of Native American birds. In one legend, he stole the sun in order to provide light to inhabitants of earth. Raven is viewed as communicating directly with Creator, and is therefore represented by a jasper stone on the blue circle.

Other connections with these spirit-messengers will become evident throughout this study.

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